New to hydrosols?

Our flower mist sprays may be the best thing you've never heard of!

What if you could create a moment of bliss whenever you needed - or wanted - and that this fit into your pocket?  That's exactly what we're offering you, friend.

Spray it on your face, revel in the experience, relax, repeat as needed.

Beard + dude friendly.

Hydrosols, also called flower waters (you may have heard of rose water) are the gifts of a plant captured in steam through the process of distillation.  Simply put, we fill our beautiful copper still with pristine, aromatic flowers + foliage (botanicals) and water, then heat it gently to boiling.  If you've ever steeped tea, you'll know that the heat of the water opens up the pores of the botanicals, bringing out their essence.  Once released from the cell walls of the plant, this balanced blend of essential oils and water-soluble components are carried in the steam through the copper tube of the still to the condenser, where the tubing is surrounded by cool water, causing the vapor to quickly cool and become liquid again.  This liquid - the hydrosol - is captured as it drips out and bottled for you.

Anyone can mix a few drops of essential oil into water and call it a facial spray.  A hydrosol is SO MUCH MORE - balancing those essential oils that we love with the other components captured in water that lend so many other gifts.

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