Color Kissed Cotton Trees at The Treasury in Delavan

as seen in wisconsin bride magazine.

Our fairy-tale interpretation of a Treasury Delavan wedding for a photo shoot.

We pulled out all the stops when designing the florals to accompany this styled shoot organized by Midwestern Bride at The Treasury in Delavan.  Dried cotton stems, kissed with soft terra cotta color, manifested as whimsical fairytale trees.  Warm natural tones created a stunning palette against the gorgeous backdrop of The Treasury.  

For the bridal bouquet, we let Hellebores do all of the heavy lifting.  Simple mono-flower arrangements lend a grounding element to the symphony of details.  It’s a strategy that we love to employ in a rich atmosphere like this.

Creating a tablescape of flowing centerpieces was easy with the lovely stems at the ready.  Rich with texture and our signature dancing elements, the centerpieces flowed down the center of the table with a subtle ombre effect.  Paired with the thoughtful details curated by Midwestern Bride and the mouth-watering plates from MKE Charcuterie, the head table becomes a stunning floral moment in the experience of the reception.  And those magical cotton trees flanking the table?  Flipped from the ceremony space, to keep the fairytale vibe going throughout the night.  We always think about how the ceremony florals can continue lending their magic through the rest of the day. 

We love how the mandala we created of copper-tinted magnolia leaves created a halo backdrop for the lounge area provided by Chance Productions.  

The vision for a styled shoot like this often has a life of its own.  Spurred by a loose design concept of the wedding planner, each of the vendors interpret that vision and bring it to life with the materials of their craft.  That cake by LoLo Loves Cake!  So dreamy!  Hand-painted champagne bottles and deckle edge stationery…seeing it all come together with our florals in the glowing space of The Treasury was nothing short of magic.  Add the element of people – the gracious models – and the deft hand of Jillian with makeup, and the shoot becomes something more than just a pretend wedding.  So many thanks to Midwestern Bride for pulling us all together and for The Treasury for hosting.  And thank you to Janelle Rose Photography for the gorgeous photography that brings it to life for you, making it immortal.

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