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visionary florist for intentional events

When you’re planning a gathering that matters,

flowers are everything.

Take your guests on a journey they won’t soon forget.


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How this Works



The process starts with you.  Request a 5 min. phone call from us or share the details you envision so far on our inquiry form.  No theme or color palette yet? No problem.  We are delighted to help.

Let’s Chat!


This is where the fun begins.  And the relief, if you’re feeling even a little overwhelmed.   We’ll chat by phone and start building the framework of the design vision.  We listen and dream with you.



We’ll have a beautiful and clear initial proposal for you to review in the blink of an eye.  It’s our best guess for now, because we know that details may change.  We value transparency and hope that you do too – our proposals reflect our attention to detail.



Our commitment to each other becomes official with a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit.  Both are needed to hold your date and book Atmospheric Floral for your event.  Celebrate – it’s the end of your flower search but the beginning of a relationship with a trusted wedding/event/flower expert.



Keep us in the loop for any big changes that may come up after booking – we’re easy to reach.  6 weeks before the event, we’ll start finalizing.  We’re available for a final consultation, site walk-through, or any involvement needed to button up loose ends.  At 1 month out, the proposal is finalized and you can rest easy knowing you won’t have any last-minute flower surprises.



We coordinate the set-up with your venue and any other vendors connected to the flowers – including the photographer, to make sure the flowers are impeccably styled at the right time.  We’ll spend inspired days in our studio surrounded by your flowers and breathe life into the pieces that will bring your glowing atmosphere to life.  This!  This is the work that we live for.



As much as we love the design work in our studio, this is hands-down the best part.  We get to paint your landscape with flowers and see them in action — witness how they play off of your perfectly-styled hair and the sparkle of your eyes, blend seamlessly into your table decor, emerge from the walls or open space of the venue like a wild, magical time-lapse photo.  It’s breathtaking to behold and exhilarating to execute.

It is our greatest honor to create this world for you, on your most sacred of days.

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It only takes a moment to start the conversation.

Check your Date: Request a 5 min callback, text, or email.