She's the queen bee and design visionary.  She designs like an artist, not a florist.  She's always been a maker, a choreographer of color, light, and texture; she has a 6th sense for transforming spaces. She grew up building forts + secret nooks, and wants to surround you in flowers, so you can feel their magic. 

The braun behind the beauty.  He knows the perfect knot to tie in any situation. Handy with all the tools, he is the muscle behind Mary Jo's inventive designs, ensuring that structures are sound and trustworthy and obey the laws of physics. Thanks to him, we show up with everything we need to install the floral magic.  

We can't wait to meet you.

Hello Beautiful!

Meet Mary Jo

Meet Andrew

Lots of designers have a story like Mary Jo's, but none of them have an Andrew. 

wedding florist madison, wi

event florist madison, wi

we all do better when
we all do better


Our mission is beauty, purpose, magic


We pledge Allegiance to flowers, soil, water


we lead with generosity


Our Values


Isadora comes by her creativity and strong work ethic honestly, as the daughter of Mary Jo + Andrew.  Flowers are a natural fit for her deep love of the natural and animal world.  She's excited to develop her design skills on our team while concurrently attending college.  Abundantly kind and capable, we'd jump to have her even if she wasn't related. 

Design Assistant

Photographer + Design Assistant


Jaime joined our crew in 2022, bringing with her a wealth of experience in wedding work on the East Coast.  She's served couples on both the floral and the photography side;  her keen eye and mad photo skills make her a key member of our team.  And you'll not find a more capable or collected person on Day Of installations.  We're so lucky to have her!


Andrew's eyes light up whenever Mary Jo says "I've got a crazy idea."  He's the perfect guy to assess the space and figure out how to make it happen, while also making it look easy.  As Mary Jo's partner of 25+ years, he's got a ton of experience helping to translate visionary ideas into being.  Can you see why he's our secret weapon?!

Installation Engineer

Creative Lead + Founder

mary jo borchardt

Mary Jo got her degree in Fine Art and has been designing in multi-media ever since.  Every job she's ever held has groomed her for this -  learning color in frame shops, flower processing in floral shops, organization as an office manager, and customer experience + problem solving for a customer-first clothing brand.   This is the job of her dreams.

the atmospheric floral team

how we deliver flowers beyond your wildest dreams with premier high touch service

The abundant natural light is what sold us on the space and what continues to feed our souls and our design.  
The capacity to create here is vast - with room to grow our team.

Our 2200 sf design studio is built for capacity

located in the heart of 
downtown madison

we belive our employees are among our greatest assets.
 excellent pay + work environment. 

 You thrive under pressure, keeping a cool head.  Being organized and on time is your jam.  You are always looking for ways to improve, even though you're killing it right now.  Mindset is a game you like to play and win at. Even though working with flowers is sexy, you know it can be a grind at moments, like anything, and that excites you.

You're down for working weekends.  You love rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty.  You're kind and a glass half-full sort of person.  You love to work quickly, but well.  You love weddings.  You want work that is purposeful and fulfilling.  You like being creative, but happy to not start with a blank canvas.  You have a keen eye for style + design.

If this is you, we might have the perfect job...

We're growing our team! 

The Design Studio

Andrew's quick wit and kind eyes won Mary Jo's heart way back in high school and we've been a team ever since. He still brings her flowers.



Dog is our copilot - at home and in the studio.  You'll find her casually lounging or riding on our studio carts.

corgi love



We're a quirky family of four sprouting roots on on 5-acre homestead outside of Madison.  



Our home is FILLED with houseplants.

plant lovers


Our homestead also served as a flower farm for 7 years, supporting Mary Jo's wedding designs.  While we no longer grow our own flowers, the experience and love for local flowers remains powerful.

flower farm



Whether on our own beloved state's Ice Age Trail or while traveling, we love to get out and see the world on foot.



Before finding flowers, we raised sheep and Mary Jo designed yarn from their wool.  See how magic has always been a part of our story!  (along with some fantastical, tongue-in-cheek humor)

former life



We're native Wisconsinites who fell in love with Madison during our time as Badgers.  We left the fair city for a bit but quickly found our way back. We've been at home here ever since.



Oh, do we love to travel!  Both of us loved our study abroad programs in college (Germany + Italy) and have been hooked ever since.  Mary Jo finds endless creative inspiration while on the road.  So good.




Not a day goes by without breaking into a deep belly laugh.  We take this work oh-so-seriously but ourselves? Not so much.  




who's behind these flowers?

Ten Fun Facts