Our flowers inspire delight.

We specialize in local, and astonishing flowers.  Flowers that make you gasp with delight.  Fragrant flowers that glow with vitality.  Flowers that dance.

Our non-traditional design aesthetic offers an organic, whimsical approach to floral design that leaves no room for formulaic, cookie-cutter arrangements.  

Wildly-elegant, locally inspired floral design

We create awe-inspiring experiences for people who love flowers.  People with a clear vision and also people looking for guidance to mold the vision to their unique personalities. Creative people and people too busy to be creative.

We have extensive training in fine art.  We are tinkerers and handy with tools. We are consummate professionals and organized like you wouldn’t believe. We run a flower farm to support our insatiable thirst for new and exciting flowers and textures.

We value beauty, attention to detail, kindness, and generosity. We are dedicated to serving you.

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